Laughter Yoga Leader Training! September 21-23

Stay tuned for another 21 Days of Laughter to build up your laughter muscle and begin the habit of a daily deep breathing and laughing practice. You can do it in your own time, by following along the YouTube videos & connect in our private Facebook Group. Sign up to recieve the laughs!
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Portland Laughter Yoga is the premier PDX resource offering a fun & dedicated laughter community with various clubs. Plus trainings, lunch-n-learns, team building, celebrations etc!

Some of the things we offer include Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Laughter Meditations, retreats, workshops, workplace brown bags & lunch-n-learns, corporate team building exercises & training, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, sessions for seniors, healthcare workers, caregivers, kids, schools and more! Contact Andrea directly to see how the Portland Laughter Community can meet you or your organization's need.