My Laughter Yoga Journey

I discovered Laughter Yoga while looking over another Health Coach's web site and knew immediately that I wanted to be part of this global movement. Helping people through laughter was something that spoke directly to my heart and even though I had never personally experienced Laughter Yoga, I went about conspiring to get the training as soon as possible! I arranged my leader training locally just in the nick of time, so that I could attend the teacher training in California with Dr. Kataria that was less than a month away. I have never looked back!

I originally undertook the Laughter Yoga training with plans to incorporate it directly into my one-on-one Health Coaching practice. I never thought I would have a Laughter Club or lead trainings etc. Then after my teacher training I was on a laughter high. I developed a talk on stress and the benefits of laughter and added it to my list of workshops. From then on, every time I presented an organization or corporation with my list of topics they all picked, you guessed it, laughter! People began contacting me regularly through the International Laughter Yoga web site asking about classes or a local Laughter Club. Between these two things, I finally got the hint! So now Laughter Yoga is a bigger part of my business than I had ever imagined. I love it for its ease and simplicity. Laughter has so many physical, spiritual, emotional and social benefits and anyone can do it!


About Andréa

I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher through Dr. Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga. I am also a certified Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University's Integrative Nutrition Professional Training Program in New York City. I am accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and I am certified in Level II Reiki. I have a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Minor in Women's Studies from Oregon State University. I worked in Portland, Oregon for an electric utility for 8 years in customer service, employee training and development, and the health and safety department.

I became a widow at the age of 29 and this experience has greatly shaped the person I have become. My college sweetheart had Lupus, an auto-immune disease and died of a heart attack at a young age. His experience with western allopathic medicine and my own personal experience with anxiety, fatigue, reoccurring infections and trying to cope with the stress associated with having a chronically ill spouse lead me down the road to health coaching, Laughter Yoga and healing. To learn more about my journey and my Health Coaching business, dedicated to my late husband Jeffrey Anderson, visit my other web site

I spend free time with friends and family. I enjoy reading, camping, hiking, riding my bike and many other outdoor activities with my husband Dan. In January 2008 I successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. In September 2008, I volunteered with Cycle Oregon; a week long bicycle ride & event across a section of Oregon. This is a fabulous non-profit that gives back an immense amount of time and money each year to the local rural communities where the event takes place. I am a member in good standing of Toastmasters International. I volunteered with the Portland Police Bureau's free self-defense program, WomenStrength, between 2006- 2013, co-teaching self-defense classes for women and leading personal safety workshops for various co-ed audiences.