Laughter Yoga for Fun, Health & Wellness

Our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being are interconnected. Most of us know what we should be doing to engage in proper self-care, but we may find it difficult to commit to activities that seem like more work and even more stress. Laughter Yoga is a natural, fun and easy way to move yourself toward wellness in a supportive environment of self-care and joy. It will enable you to feel better immediately so you are more empowered to make other positive choices for your wellbeing.

Fitness Studios. Spa Retreats. Women’s Wellness. Yoga Studios.  Holiday Parties. Special Events & Celebrations. Home Parties. Individual Sessions.

The secret of Laughter Yoga is that our bodies have an innately powerful reaction to extended hearty laughter, releasing a cocktail of healthful hormones and chemicals and thereby increasing our overal health and wellness. The benefits include:

  • Laughter counts as exercise in terms of cardio-pulmonary fitness.
  • Hearty laughter reduces cortisol (which is responsible for that stubborn belly fat)
  • Blood & all major organs are fully oxygenated. Great for your skin and your brain!
  • Increased endorphin levels reduce aches, pains & frowns.
  • Blood pressure drops & circulation improves.
  • Immune, digestive & sexual systems are stimulated.
  • Stress levels reduced and that’s a truly beautiful thing!

I currently offer various ways to incorporate Laughter Yoga into a various settings and I am happy to consult with you to see how Laughter Yoga can fit your unique organization or event.

Contact me for more information if you are interested in hosting a Laughter Yoga event at your club, spa, yoga studio or home!