Laughter Yoga in Health Care Settings

Many chronically ill persons, seniors and caretakers are in need of more positive human contact. While some may be surrounded by peers or co-workers whom they like and share similar interests, many still dearly crave laughter and connection in their lives. They may be feeling isolated and alone in their circumstances. Seniors may be missing their friends, children and family. Deeper down, what they really need is someone close to them with whom they can express their emotions. Laughter is not only healthy, but sharing laughter is cathartic and can make it easier to share other feelings and emotions when needed. Laughter can give people that much needed feeling of closeness and fraternity.

Laughter Yoga for Seniors, the Chronically Ill, Cancer Patients, Hospital Staff, Retirement Home Staff, Long-term Care Facilities, Caregivers, Family and Friends

Laughter Yoga is so versatile. It can be adjusted to meet just about any age range or ability. For these reasons Laughter Yoga is a wonderful activity for the elderly, chronically ill or those who have mobility issues. It is an ideal alternative for those who cannot participate in more strenuous activities. It reduces stress and depression, calms anxiety, maintains flexibility, offers a cardiac workout and creates community connection beyond just exercising. Laughter Yoga can offer profound benefits for social, mental and physical health.

In traditional Laughter Yoga sessions, participants do some running around that may be difficult for the elderly or differently abled, but it can also be done sitting in chairs in a circle; what some refer to as Arm Chair Laughter Yoga. During a session with seniors, the Laughter Yoga Leader interacts with each participant directly and participants can also interact with their neighbors sitting on either side. Clapping, chanting, stretching, singing and laughing make this an uplifting experience for seniors, patients and staff alike!

I have experience as a well spouse, my first husband had a severe case of Lupus, and as a part time caregiver for my grandmother, who lived with my parents for 18 years. It is my wish to help seniors, the chronically ill and their caregivers relieve a little stress and experience more joy. Laughter Yoga is an excellent way to lift the spirits, reduce stress and experience connection, while getting people gently moving.

  • Laughter Yoga Classes for seniors, chronically ill, caregivers, friends and family (typically 45 minute sessions). One-time event or regularly scheduled classes at your location
  • Individual sessions for seniors and/or their family
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Training for health care staff & caregivers so that you can hold your own on-site Laughter Club or work with patients or family one-on-one.

Contact me for more information regarding Laughter Yoga at your facility or home in the Portland, Oregon metro area.