Laughter Yoga Legal Disclaimers and Liabilities

Laughter YogaTM is not a substitute for proper medical consultation for physical, mental and psychological illnesses and may not be suitable for everyone.Laughter YogaTM is normally appropriate for someone whose physician allows them to exercise. However, it is contraindicated for people suffering from uncontrolled high blood pressure &/or heart disease, epilepsy, any kind of hernia, recent surgery, severe backache, major psychiatric disorders and pregnancy. This list is for guidance only and is not meant to be exhaustive. If in doubt do not try it and consult your trained medical professional for guidance. Anyone already undergoing physician-prescribed therapy should seek the advice of his or her doctor before reducing the dosage or stopping any such treatment. Even a healthy person experiencing discomfort while laughing, should discontinue immediately and seek expert medical advice. Please use your common sense: no strain, no new pain.

Portland Laughter YogaTM, The Dr Kataria School Of Laughter YogaTM as well as any other persons leading a Laughter Club or Laughter YogaTM classes you may be attending decline any responsibility from incidents resulting from the use (or mis-use) of the Laughter YogaTM technique. It is your responsibility to pro-actively consult your trained physician for approval before participating in any Laughter YogaTM session. By taking part in a Laughter YogaTM session you accept full responsibility for your physical fitness and state that you are able to participate safely in the activity. We strongly encourage you NOT to participate or stop participating in activities with which you feel uncomfortable. You know your body best!