Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

September 21-23, 2018

  • Do you want to feel better physically, emotionally, & energetically?
  • Are you looking for a fun & unique way to separate yourself from the pack?
  • Have you reached a place where your needs and wants are met, yet something still seems to be missing? 
  • Are you already joyful, but looking for a way to share that joy in a broader context?
  • Do you wish you had a community who could support & inspire you as you cultivate joy?

When you become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) with Portland Laughter Yoga you will learn to confidently lead Laughter Yoga sessions in various settings, and to apply laughter to even the most challenging circumstances. In turn, you will learn to walk the talk of a joyful path. The skills you learn in CLYL training will enrich every area of your professional and personal life.

A weekend of FUN - laughing & connecting as you become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader! Very good, very good! YAY!

Typical Workshop Schedule


  • Friday 6:30-9:00 pm - Laughter Yoga Session & Intro
  • Saturdays 12 pm to 6:00 pm - Training & Laughter sessions
  • Sundays 9 am to 6:00 pm - Training & Participant Practice with a trip to a Laughter Club for graduation!
  • Introductory downloads will be emailed to you once you register with information & assignments to complete before the in-person training. Estimated 4-6 hours of time to complete (reading, watching, listening).
  • Follow up group tele-class to answer questions
  • Bonus option to schedule a one-on-one session with Andrea
  • Join classmates & community in a 21 Days of Laughter Challenge 
  • Camaraderie and support from the local laughter community, your teacher and the global Laughter Yoga community (Yahoo! & Facebook Groups and more)


The next training is September 21-23, 2018. Register now!  If you are interested in training, but can't make these dates please contact me directly to give your opinion on dates!

This training is for you if want to:

  • Start you own laughter club and classes - free or paid
  • Offer presentations and awareness seminars on Laughter
  • Incorporate laughter into workshops and classes you already teach
  • Enjoy a weekend of fun, playfulness and great people
  • Laugh for hours on end for your own health & wellness

If you are interested in exploring effective ways to integrate laughter, joy and Laughter Yoga into your personal and professional life, as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher & Laughter Coach, I can offer you professional teaching and genuine support in an intimate family-like setting. And now is the time to do it! Laughter Yoga is a growing movement! It has been featured on Forbes.com, in The New Yorker and multiple articles in Time Magazine. In addition, it has been on Oprah, The Nate Berkus Show, Dancing with the Stars and Wife Swap and featured in Yoga Journal numerous times in recent years, but it is still the ground floor of this global movement! For details click here and scroll to the bottom.

Why Choose Andréa and Portland Laughter Yoga?

Since 2009, I have lead more than ten trainings and trained over 80 students (see all of our fun photos at the bottom of this page!). Several students have become Laughter Yoga Teachers themselves and are spreading Laughter Yoga to their communities (OR, WA, MT, NH). I started the Awakenings Laughter Club, which was the first weekly Laughter Club in Portland to last more than a few months. I currently co-lead at the Hawthorne Laughter Club along with many of my alumni. We have a small, supportive, community-lead club which has been going for more than 7 years. I have been leading monthly Laughter Meditations since 2015 and have continued my laughter education with several Laughter Coaching certifications and various national conferences over the years. In addition, I have been in the local media numerous times. I have worked with almost every type of audience (seniors, kids, corporate, persons w/ disabilities, prisoners, birthdays, homeless/people in transition, the blind and more.) and if I haven't I probably know people in the global laughter community who have! The world-wide Laughter community is connected and always willing to help. I have a passion for laughter and my students, which means my support continues to be available after you graduate. I am not competitive and often pass along laughter business related opportunities to students. My corporate training and subsequent speaking experience come in to play, yet I offer my training in a relaxed, informal manner. This is Laughter Yoga after all! Fun and flexiblity are inherent. Over the years, I have continued to adapt my training. While still following the guidelines from Laughter Yoga International, I have expanded the hours and information over time in an effort to help my students feel confident about actually leading laughter. I have an open, loving and accepting style of teaching. My ability to meet people where they are and be present with them is a large piece of why many students feel confident in taking laughter out into their part of the world. One previous student described me as "the approachable expert." You will not regret training with me!

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Ideal for anyone who wants to experience more joy & spread the benefits of laughter! Highly recommended for:

health care practitioners, healers, coaches, fitness & yoga instructors, teachers, healers, activists, those working with seniors and children, public speakers and corporate trainers, business owners, managers, team leaders, sales professionals, mental health providers, medical professionals, complementary therapists, members of the Armed Services, and parents

Certification training is an entire weekend. You will learn Laughter Yoga exercises & techniques, practice leading a group and learn tips for starting a Laughter Yoga Club in your community. Get even more training details here, including a sample schedule!

The basics you need to be a Certified LY Leader are covered in this training: History and benefits of Laughter Yoga; LY exercises; We touch on facilitating LY for various audiences & developing a solo laughter practice; Yogic breathing; Access to free online club listing at laughteryoga.org & a discounted Prozone Membership when you first enroll; Practice, practice, and more practice! My students leave with actual experience leading.

This training also qualifies you to take the 5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training taught by Dr. Kataria himself or any of the Master Trainers!

The training is located in my Laughter Sanctuary, a dedicated laughter space in my basement, near Woodstock & the Eastmoreland/Sellwood area of SE Portland. Exact address will be given upon registration.** There is free parking and it is accessible by Tri-met bus and the new Orange line MAX.

As a new Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, you will be eligible to network with other professionals in a variety of ways. Once trained, everyone can list free clubs and events on the international page for no charge. You will also have the ability to join special a FaceBook Group to network and learn from others in the field for free. The community is definitely one of the perks! The Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga offers the Laughter Yoga ProZone ($60/yr) to all leaders and teachers. Upon certification you will get 6 months free with the purchase of a year membership. As part of the Pro Zone, you will have access to an array of materials - DVDs and CDs with bulk discounts, articles, research, news updates, blog sites, graphics and various promotional tools - including a personalized profile listed on the #1 Laughter Yoga website - all part of an international network available from www.laughteryoga.org.

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* If we do not have enough people enrolled by the early-bird deadline to meet the minimum, class may be canceled. Please contact me prior to making non-refundable travel arrangements if you are coming in from out of town.

** The training is held at my home. Unfortunately, my house is not wheelchair accessible.  Please contact me if you have any concerns or if this prevents you from enrolling. 

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