Laughter Yoga Online Videos

Andrea's Laughter Yoga Videos

This video accompanied the write up in the Oregonian in May of 2010. It was taken at the Awakenings Laughter Club, the first weekly laughter club in Portland.

This video is an excellent example of Laughter Yoga. Here I am doing laughter exercises with my fellow laughers during our Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training with Dr. Kataria in April 2008. 

Here I am leading Vowel Laughter with a group at Soma Space.

Here my Soma Space laughers are participating in Laughter Meditation. Normally done at the end of a session. We just lay down and laugh for no reason!

Other Great Laughter Yoga Videos

Watch this five minute video from the Discovery Channel on Laughter Yoga. 

Laughter Yoga on Oprah

Laughter Yoga on Dancing with the Stars

Laughter Yoga on the BBC Human Face Series w/ John Cleese

The Laguana Laughter Club

Laughter Yoga on CNN


There are many more! To see even more check out Dr. Kataria's site or search for Laughter Yoga onYouTube!