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"Very good, Very good Yay!"

Do you have experience with Laughter Yoga? Or personal experience with Andrea and Portland Laughter Yoga? Maybe you've attended a corporate Stress & Laughter workshop, a celebration or the weekly, free Awakenings Laughter Club. Well, this is where you can share your thoughts and experiences. Also if you have any constructive feedback or ideas for an event or a new laughter exercise feel free to share that as well! I value your opinion.

Curious about Laughter Yoga? We were to, so Flourish set out to learn more and share it with our Flourish members at our February Salon featuring Laughter Yoga with Portland’s laughter yoga guru, Andrea Crisp.

Talk about a giggled-filled afternoon. We laughed so hard our abs hurt, our faces were tired and we felt soooo good when we were done! We highly recommend Laughter Yoga. It’s great for stress release, a fab workout and it just makes you feel wonderful.

April 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNancy with Flourish

Hi Andrea,

I took the LYL workshop with you last week. Knowing how quickly I get excited about some things, only to have them fade in a little while, I decided to wait a week to see if my enthusisam remained. The good news is that it's not only remained but I'm more enthusiastic than when I left your home.

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive workshop in such a peaceful and beautiful setting .
To conduct a workshop that was so much fun and still keep us focused on the depth and value of LY, clearly took a great deal of skill on your part. I not only learned a lot about LY, but I learned just as much watching and listening to the wonderful way you guided us through the 2-day agenda.

I've put in bits and pieces of LY into a couple of my yoga classes already and the response was excellent. I'm now developing plans to start a LY Club in the condo complex where I live. The laughing alone exercises I'm doing each day shifts my mood instantly.

Enough for now.

Thanks for everything.

Namaste - - ha ha ha

July 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMatt


This weekend's training was WONDERFUL! I feel revitalized and excited to share the laughter with my students, family, and friends. Look out world!!! Thanks so much for providing such great training in a warm and supportive environment. You are a treasure!

Love and laughs,
Jan Holt
Silly Yogini

July 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJan Holt

:D Very good, very good, Yay!! :D
Laughter Yoga training was everything I expected and even happier! A bubbly warm glow began to grow within from the start. By the end of the day a multidimensional sense of glowing warmth, joy, buoyancy and well-being permeated my entire being and lasted all the following week, and hopefully forever. :) Periodically when the memory of peals of laughter echoing through Andrea's house comes to mind, I smile and laugh and again feel a warm joyous glow welling up. :D He,He,He: Delicious! :D Thank you! :) K

July 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKathy Erickson

Andréa's Laughing Yoga was the perfect team building activity for my team at Intel. Andréa taught our group of 15 people the many health benefits of laughter and then led us through a series of laughter 'exercises'. We laughed the whole afternoon. After Andréa's visit, my team raved about the uniqueness of the activity and of the positive energy they felt from laughing.

Andréa's passion and enthusiasm about her work gave us our burst of energy for our work. Her passion translated to an energetic delivery and great engagement with the participants. In our session at Intel, there were a handful of persons who were reluctant to start off, but Andréa's energy quickly reeled them in.

I would highly recommend Andréa for your next company team builder. It will be a great experience for your team and you won't stop talking or laughing about it. :)

Original comment posted on Yelp! 10/11/2009 - Andrea

Andrea Crisp's Laughter Yoga presentation at the 2010 Therapeutic Recreation Forum was one of the highlights of the professional workshop hosted by Oregon State Hospital. Our group of recreation therapists appeared to be a little unsure about participating in this unusual interactive session, but Andrea's expertise and unyielding enthusiasm quickly unified the group and led everyone back to their seats with smiling faces and energized for the rest of the presentation. The information Andrea shared was relevant and sensitive to the needs of the clients with which we work. She provided an insightful presentation with resources from which therapeutic recreation professionals can learn about using this practice with their clients in a variety of settings.

Well I attended Andreas' training to be a Yoga leader, and not only had a great time, but also learned a lot. Now need to get out there and SPREAD THE WORD AND GET THE WORLD TO LAUGH AND SMILE,

Thank you Andrea, both Sarah and I had a great time..

February 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAl

I have had the pleasure of finding the Awakenings Laughter Club and after my first time participating I immediatly wanted to attend the LY Leadership training, which I was able to do last spring- Yay! Now that I know her, Andrea has become an inspiration to me. She has taught me how to bring LY into my life, how to share it with others conscientiously, and now I am pursuing additional training through PCC to bring fun and fitness to older adults! I had been dreaming of working with that part of the population for a while but hadn't found my vehicle for doing so untill she helped me.
Andrea has built the Awakenings LC to be a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable sharing laughter, no matter what your background, age, or reasons for wanting to be involved. A rare place it is that encourages your inner child and maintains a non-judgemental environment! Now we all can reap the benefits of Laughing with a group of Laughers for the sake of our health, sanity, and goals for world peace.
Thank You Andrea! We are enriched through your generous actions!

January 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLaura Lou Pape-McCarthy

Go! Attend a Laughter Yoga session and see for yourself that Laughter not only makes you feel better, it makes you feel alive! It's eye opening to attend a laughter yoga session. All those muscles that we use to laugh or smile with are out of shape and that's key to knowing that you need to get a dose of Laughter Medicine! Stress can be reduced by changing your perspective and laughing...

I have enjoyed being a part of Andrea's Laughter Yoga journey. I have known Andrea for oh, so many years now... first as a co-worker and then a very good friend. My partner and I attended her first Laughter Yoga leader session and really enjoyed the new perspectives we have gained. I was there with her when she started her Tuesday morning Laughter Yoga group and I continue to be in awe of the benefits of Laughter... Andrea's outlook is brighter and more positive than ever (if that's even possible)! My partner and I also took Andrea's Laughter Yoga Leader Training and have found amazing ways to fit Laughter into our lives. Especially when we're driving... it's a whole lot better now that we laugh at "stupid" drivers rather than get frustrated by them. It has also helped our relationship. Now, when we start to get frustrated with each other, one of us will start to laugh at our own role in the frustration and we are able to move on without the negative project stopping arguments.
Laughing at all those "little things or small stuff" that clog your life will definitely help you to reduce stress and enjoy your life more!

Andrea is committed to her passion. Her energy is uplifting and supportive. Andrea brings a childlike playfulness to Laughter Yoga sessions which makes it natural to laugh and not feel self-conscious. Her fake it, until you make it training really does help to get you going. Once you start laughing - even if you fake it... it doesn't take long to become real laughter. Besides, the benefits really are the same.

Note to Andrea: Very Good, Very Good, Yay! Your spirit and beauty are proof that Laughter is not only the best medicine, it's also the best beauty treatment out there! It's been inspiring to watch you grow in your Laugther path... Thank you for your friendship and allowing me to be a part of your journey...


September 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMichele Hansen

I've had the pleasure of having Andrea lead a Laughter Yoga segment at one of my Heal Your Life Workshops and it was HILARIOUSLY AMAZING!!! She is a total "natural" at bringing joy to the moment. I wish she could be at all my workshops!!! It is so remarkable to witness and experience the effects laughter yoga has on you - You've got to try it! I recommend it to everyone.

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