Portland Area Laughter Clubs

Portland Laughter Yoga Laughter Clubs

All of Portland Laughter Yoga's laughter clubs are donation based. Donations help pay for the space rental and supplies. Extra hgoes towards our entry into the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade. No $, no problem. Come laugh with us and we will do "No Money Laughter" with you!

  • The Hawthorne Laughter Club meets at 4 pm in the Hawthorne Wellness Center Movement Studio (in back) each Sunday afternoon in SE Portland. Current as of 2018!
  • I host a Meetup group for Portland Laughter Yoga and my graduates. Please join to stay in the loop on all of activities such as new clubs, classes and special events! Check out the Portland Laughter Yoga Meetup here or select the Meetup logo in the sidebar.
  • Announcing Beaverton's first Laughter Club! Started at the end of 2017 and meets Wednesday at 6 pm. Lead by PLY graduate Stephen Rosenstock, check out the Meetup link for address info and details.
  • PLY alumni Laura Lou, at 1 Laugh At A Time, hosts a Tuesday afternoon (3 pm) seated Laughter Yoga Club called "theraLAUGHityat Cherrywood Village. Everyone is welcome. Her background in adult fitness, Gerantolofy, professional clowning and physical theater make this seated class fun for all abilities!

Other Local Laughter Clubs or Classes

These laughter clubs and classes are not sponsored by Portland Laughter Yoga or Andrea Crisp and are being provided as a public service. Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Please contact the leaders via the information below to ensure clubs/events are currently happening.

Laughter Clubs

The unique concept of Laughter Yoga began in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician in Mumbai, India. Realizing that laughter truly can be "the best medicine," he started working with a small group of people daily in a local park and discovered that anyone can laugh for no reason. He coined this group a "Laughter Club." Laughter Yoga has taken India by storm where most Laughter Clubs meet daily. In the United States, most Laughter Clubs meet weekly or monthly.

Laughter Yoga has since grown into a world-wide movement with more than 6,000 registered clubs in over 60 countries. Almost all are free!! Dr. Kataria encourages his Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers to host at least one free event a month as a way to spread joy and give back to our communities.

Laughter Clubs are led by a Laughter Yoga Leader and/or Teacher. Club members take part in activities that combine laughter exercises (simulated laughter) and yogic breathing, which turns into real laughter when practiced in a group. Participation in a laughter club encourages playfulness, laughter, social connection, and a balance of mind, body, and spirit. It is a great way to improve health and make friends!


* Clubs versus Classes - Clubs are typically free or by donation/love offering. Anything designated as a Laughter Yoga Class has a fee associated with it.