* Please note that Portland Laughter Yoga holds events at various locations around Portland. Each event will have information for it's particular location

Upcoming Events & Classes

Besides the 21 Days of Laughter online event in September 2016 there are currently no special events or classes, however, you can see the local Laughter Club listings here. If you are interested in th Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training or scheduling a Laughter workshop or class at your home, organization or another location please contact me.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Andréa leads Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training several times a year in the Portland area.

Laughter Yoga is enriching; for you and others in your family, your community, your workplace and the world! Laughter Yoga done with others creates a healing, life-affirming and truly authentic connection. The individual benefits go far beyond stress-management into the spiritual realm by cultivating joy and peace – for yourself and others. Plus, if you can laugh at yourself, your opportunities for a good laugh are endless and your ability to survive what life throws at you with a smile-on-your-face is priceless!  If you are interested in learning Laughter Yoga in-depth for personal use and/or to share with the world then this training is for you! Follow the link for more details on dates and the actual workshop.

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