Laughter Yoga is a unique new physical activity where anyone can learn to laugh for no reason at all! It is a perfect blend of playful and energizing laughter exercises. These laughter exercises are interspersed with gentle yogic breathing and stretching exercises, rhythmic clapping and chanting. 

Laughter Yoga is fun & easy! Anyone can learn to laugh without a sense of humor, jokes or comedy. In Laughter Yoga, we use laughter as a tool, not an emotion. Through group activity and eye contact simulated laughter exercises quickly become real, contagious and enthusiastic laughter.

Did you know that laughter counts as exercise? Science has shown that laughter has an amazing array of health benefits and many leading experts in the field believe that these benefits are available whether the laughter is real or fake. So Laughter Yoga capitalizes on this research by providing an avenue for intentional simulated laughter. But this simulated laughter more often than not becomes real!

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