Laughter & Levity in the Workplace

Laughter has a myriad of benefits in addition to the joy of laughter. It improves people’s sense of humor, self confidence and communications skills. It can increase problem solving and creativity and helps strength teams. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, combats the negative effects of stress, and is a powerful perscription for depression and anxiety. It can alleviate high blood pressure and increase tolerance to pain. Due to these reasons and more it can even help reduce absenteeism and the rising cost of health care!  Contact me for more information on the science behind laughter or to schedule a consultation to learn how I can meet your organization's specific needs.

Laughter for Stress Management. Workshops. Lunch-n-Learns. Business Retreats. Conferences. Team Building. Ice Breakers. Office Parties. Business Meetings. Special Events.

Interested in a workshop or group session for your organization or business?

As a former corporate health & safety and human resources team member I understand the connection between a healthy and happy workforce and a safe workforce. I also understand the difficulties facing many of today's employers when it comes to the rising costs of healthcare. Let's face it, the healthier and happier your workforce the more productive they are and the lower the costs of health care. Especially, if your company is self-insured. Promoting wellness is popular with employees and is a proactive step to help the bottom line.

Here's where I come in: Laughter has proven health benefits and studies in India and the United States recently confirmed that Laughter Yoga shows significant stress reduction and an increase in employees’ ability to perform their jobs after just three weeks of laughter sessions.* Long-term benefits of regular laughter sessions include:

  • increased energy levels;
  • a rapid decrease of stress levels and better ability to deal with stress;
  • improved commitment and motivation;
  • increased performance, efficiency, innovation and problem solving abilities;
  • stronger team spirit;
  • reduced absenteeism and improved health leading to decreased sick leave and lower medical costs

I currently offer various ways to incorporate laughter, play and creativity into a workplace setting and I am happy to consult with you to see how it can fit your unique organization or event. Samples include:

  • Team PLAYcations - Laughter sessions, brainstorming &/or team discussions. At the office or an off-site promote team bonding and creativity. Perfect for generating fresh ideas or opening up difficult conversations 
  • Health focused workshop on the effects of stress and the benefits of laughter, followed by a brief Laughter Yoga session
  • Quick 15 minute sessions, such as an after-lunch-pick-me-up or ice breaker during trainings, conferences and retreats
  • Laughter Yoga Leader Training so you can host your own regularly scheduled Laughter Club on-site lead by employees

* If you would like more information on these and other studies related to laughter and Laughter Yoga please contact me. I have plenty of background information and proposals available for management.